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Join the Feast - Sign up for our Resellers Program today.

Do you own a company that sells quality used dirt bike parts? Do you just want to focus on sales and marketing for your business? CannibalCycle is offering a High Volume Purchase Discount Program for resellers like you. Resellers will receive discounts on parts purchased through the program. Discount rates actually increase as total purchase volume increases. The discount is based off of the accumulated total rather than the total of one purchase. Here is an example:


Order 1 - $500 (10% off)

Order 2 - $1500 (15% off) Even though you see below that $1500 is in the 10% off bracket it would be 15% off because the first purchase was $500, so the accumulated total would bring it up to the 15% off bracket.


Follow these few steps:

1. Sign up your company as a reseller

2. Receive your exclusive reseller membership number

3. Use your number to order parts directly from

4. Your reseller discount increases automatically as you order more parts.

Here is an example of typical discounts. Your actual company discounts may vary.

$0 - $1999 purchased = 10% off

$2000 - $4999 purchased = 15% off

$5000 + purchased = 20% off

Here is what to expect:

We will do the dirty work! We will buy used dirt bikes, motorcycles, and ATVs and break them down. We will inspect, clean, box/bag the parts, so that they are ready to be sold to your customer.

This will allow you to focus on marketing your business and selling the parts. The parts will come ready to be sold in its respective bag or box. 


Join our Reseller Program and get instant savings on Tasty Parts. Fill out the information below to get started!


Want to minimize shipping costs?

If you're purchasing whole bikes parted out or various parts that's equivalent in size then we can put those parts on a crate and freight the shipment. This will help minimize shipping costs, and make it easier to get mass product to you at once. Please contact us for more information about this option


Rules and Restrictions

-We reserve the right to reject or eject any shop from the program.

-All orders must be placed directly with CannibalCycle. Orders placed through eBay are not eligible.

-Discounts for each order will be based on the discount rate prior to order placement and will be applied to the entire order.

-Parts are not reserved until actual payment is completed. Delay in payment may result in the requested parts being sold to others through eBay. Once payment is made, all purchased parts will be removed from eBay and shipped within 24 business hours.