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Honda CR125R Used Parts

Innovations straight from the racetrack to you, the Honda CR125R has been overhauled and updated with you in mind. Even though the CR125R is full of improvements from the racetrack, this bike is perfectly comfortable on the trail.

Honda made some fairly significant changes to the chassis to increase performance including making it taller and lighter without sacrificing one bit of the sleek style Honda is known for. The body still looks the part whether you are a competitive racer or a weekend dirt junkie. Honda also made the CR125R motorcycle more comfortable with new handle bar positions and grips. However, they did not sacrifice performance.

The new pistons and electronic power valve improve power throughout the range while the new engine cases were designed to increase bottom-end power. This model’s primary kick starting system now lets you start in any gear.

From throttle to tires and everything in between the CR125R is updated to give any serious rider the maximum performance and comfort. With all these changes, Honda also made the CR125R easier to maintain when they made the rear sub frame removable. The Honda CR125R is simply the best dirt bike in the 125cc class.