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Used KTM Motorcycle Parts

Cannibal Cycle is a leader in the salvaged KTM motorcycle parts industry. We make it a point to continuously refine our salvaging processes regularly. From breaking down the bike to cleaning each part, from inspecting all parts to repackaging them for resale, quality is the end result.

Each bike is tested as soon as it arrives, before the disassembling process starts. After any problems are identified, the parting out begins. Each individual used KTM motorcycle part is removed and thoroughly cleaned. The parts are then inspected for any type of defects or damages. Unusable parts are thrown out, and salvaged parts are then inventoried, photographed and repackaged for selling online.

This intricate KTM motorcycle parts salvaging process allows us to write the most accurate descriptions possible. These descriptions, along with quality photos, ensure that you always know what you’re getting when you buy parts from us. We will never sell you an unusable, useless part. Our team is committed to providing every customer with high quality salvaged KTM motorcycle parts at unbelievable prices.

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