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Used Yamaha Motorcycle Parts

Dedication to quality is what sets Cannibal Cycle apart from other Yamaha salvaged parts companies. We are continually refining our process, which include breaking down, cleaning, assessing and repackaging each individual bike part. The process begins with thoroughly testing the bike before the parting out starts. This helps us identify unusable parts, so they never reach our customers.

Once the Yamaha motorcycle has been disassembled, each part is cleaned thoroughly. This make it possible to inspect each individual salvaged component for defects and usability. If a part is unusable, it’s disposed of so it never makes it to our inventory. All good salvaged parts are then photographed in preparation for selling it online.

The parts are then repackaged, and accurate parts descriptions are created. This ensure that our customers know precisely what they product is, and it’s current condition before buying them. We make it a point never to sell defective parts for any reason. Our staff is dedicated to providing the highest quality salvaged and used Yamaha motorcycle parts at competitive prices.

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