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Suzuki RM85/RM85L Used Parts

When you think of Suzuki RM85/RM85L, you might be wondering what the difference is between the two dirtbikes. The fact of the matter is there is only one large change between the two bikes. The RM85L is larger than the regular RM85, hence the L in the name. Both the Suzuki RM85 and the M85L offer the same two-stroke liquid cooled engines. This means they are both are capable of power at no expense to maneuverability. When it comes to the size of the RM85/RM85L by Suzuki, the difference can be a deciding factor in your purchase decision. The RM85 stands at 43.3 inches tall and 71.1 inches long. The L edition of this dirtbike comes in at 45.9 inches high and 74.6 inches across.