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Yamaha TT/TTR Used Parts

These two dirt bikes, the Yamaha TT and TTR, were both last created in 2013. They are popular dirt bikes and are used by many riders around the world. If you are considering purchasing one for yourself, you should know all about the physical bikes themselves. An important buying factor, when purchasing a bike is the features it offers on the outside of the bike. A pro to the design is the entire bike frame is made from plastic while the core was made from steel. This frame means you will have a tight, light ride. You have to take time to consider the negatives aspects. The Yamaha TT/TTR dirt bikes do not come with storage space for items that you might want to bring with you. No storage can make it a challenge to bring things on the road with you. There is also no stereo system with the TT/TTR dirt bike models by Yamaha. These traits could be a deciding factor on whether you make a purchase or not, so choose carefully.