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Yamaha WR Used Parts

The Yamaha WR is a lineup of dirtbikes released in 2013. The three different models include the WR250F, WR250R and WR450F. Each Yamaha WR has its own features that make it special and different from the others. Yamaha’s WE450F is great for riders who like to ride their bikes across trails in the woods. It has an amazing suspension that makes even the roughest terrain manageable. The WR250F has an aluminum based frame. This frame means that it is going to be much lighter than the other models. Its lack of a heavy frame means that this dirtbike can pick up speed in an instant. And, the WR250R is known as the remake of the original Yamaha motocross dirt bike. It can be used as not just a street bike, but a trails bike as well. The choice is yours. Whatever WR model of this Yamaha series you choose you will get a winner.