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Yamaha YZ400 Used Parts

The Yamaha YZ400 dirt bike is famous because of the engine inside of it. This engine is top notch and not comparable to any other all-purpose dirt bike on the market. Here are some details on the changes that have been made to this new engine for the Yamaha YZ400. First, there is now a five-cylinder system that operates with three intake valves and two for exhaust. This valve system is responsible for the speed of the bike. It is great for going down roads during peaceful spring mornings. This new engine of this dirtbike runs on 92 octane gasoline. It was a big change from the previous models. The change in gasoline means that you can have a cleaner startup with instant power to your engine. Overall, you should consider one of the YZ400 model Yamaha bikes if you want some bang for your buck.